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Valve Series


Valve Series


Type: Electric, Pneumatic and Manual Operated Valves

Materials: wear resisting steel

Application: selectable size among 200mm-1200mm, fulfilling operation requirements in various industries

Huatai manufactures various angles valves owning multiple design patents, including electric valve, pneumatic valve and manual valves.

Features of Valves:

Multiple independent designs of valves with different angles and operation modes.
Standardization design valves with easy replacement of valve parts, durable and stable structure.
Foreign imported valve accessories and electrical switches to enable stable capacity and long lifetime of valves.
Wide valve size of 200mm-1200mm fulfills all kinds of industrial requirements.

Requirement of valves:

All valves are rack and pinion controlled slide type valves or other type valve with users’ reorganization.
Valves should be completely sealed to prevent dust spillover and can self-clean all materials on valve gates.
Polyurethane wearable liner is equipped on valve slide surface and valve casing where grains impact exists.

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